Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Great Start!

Thanks to Chancellor Levin-Stankevich for spending such a generous amount of time with us at this morning's class, and for helping us see where our work fits in the bigger picture of campus life--not to mention life beyond campus.  

And thanks also to Professors Boulter, Pierson, Phillips, and to Lynn Peterson for taking the time to meet with us today!  As I'm sure you could tell, each of these persons brings enthusiasm and commitment to their work here at UW-Eau Claire.  We are very fortunate to receive the gift of their support for this semester's important work. 

Speaking of support . . . . I think a little later today you'll be seeing a post here from Robyn Fennig, CNT 2008 member and now CNT 2010's advisor/mentor.

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