Thursday, March 11, 2010

Letter: Global warming evidence exists

When you have a minute or two, read Dr. Crispin Pierce's letter to the Spectator.  I've included a link to the on-line edition (which I hope will work-it's an awfully long URL).


  1. First: the link worked.
    Second: GREAT letter.

    I felt very empowered by the Supported facts and by the clarity of the writing. There was nothing in the letter that made me feel as though I a) had nothing to do with climate change, or b) can do nothing about climate change.

    I think that a Spectator follow-up on how our class and the survey will help make those needed greener changes on campus would be great. After this weekend, my days start to free up a bit, so I can certainly check with them next week (unless someone has time to talk with the Spectator this week.)

  2. It just kills me when people try to argue on scientific/political/economic/etc issues when they are really, completely ignorant about it (such as in Sean McCormick's article). There's absolutely nothing wrong with questioning something...but come on least do it intelligently!


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