Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break and Beyond

Happy Friday,

Just a reminder that Mission Advertise starts a week from this Sunday night and will continue Monday morning. Amanda and I will need help putting up table tents (one per table), posters (we have a list of places), tying up the banner, placing lawn signs (campus mall and south side of Davies), and chalking! Amanda and I will be doing the display case, as well.

We have everything reserved from April 5-7 (Monday-Wednesday) of next week, so they need to go up quickly to get the word out as much as possible. We can continue chalking throughout, and the Axis TV's (Davies) will have information up throughout as well. In addition, I am meeting with the Spectator this morning to try to convince them to run an article-line with Green/Carbon Footprint information and a follow-up of our study.

Back to things you can help with: We will provide all of the materials needed - all we need is you to show up! Please email me with your availability and if you have a specific job that you'd like to do.

Thanks, and enjoy spring break! (Remember to track your miles to your destination!)

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