Monday, April 5, 2010

For Robyn and Isaac especially!

We were wondering exactly how you calculated the offset for the Waste-to-Energy program. It says "To calculate the offset of Veolia Environmental services Waste-to-Energy program, figures for the campus' tons of garbage were collected and were first input into the CACPCCC as if the waste were disposed of into a landfill instead of through the program...This value was then again put into the CACPCCC to generate carbon emissions generated within the Waste-to-Energy program." As far as inputing these goes, can you perform a calculation in solely one area of the calculator without having any other data in there? Thanks!


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  2. Hey Steph! I apologize that I honestly do not know how this was calculated. Isaac was the waste guy, and Sarah/Anna were the offsets folks. Try shooting Isaac or Sarah an e-mail:
    Sarah: PETERSSJ(at)
    Isaac: BOROFKI(at)


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