Friday, February 26, 2010

Climate Engineering?

I was browsing through the Reader's Digest at work today and came across an article that might interest some of you. It is very short, definitely Reader's Digest style, but it is very applicable to some of our discussions. Personally, I think the idea of re-engineering our climate is almost as scary as global climate change itself! This article (which I linked the title to) does pose some interesting questions though, especially the section about "unilateral action." Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think!

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  1. First, yikes!

    I think it's wonderful that people are coming up with new and innovative ideas about how to slow or "battle" our climate change. I fully support the idea behind the article.

    However, I do not support their engineering. The risks are far too great. "Like any untested tech-nology, geoengineering harbors unknown risks. An artificial cooling of the earth could disrupt global weather patterns, bringing drought and famine to parts of North Africa, India, and China." Isn't it this kind of climate-related-devestation that we are trying to prevent?

    I did, however, find the timeline fascinating. Making it snow, stopping the rain - or so they claim. It would be interesting to see actual research and statistics. And along with that research, the possible effects that "sprinkling liquid nitrogen into clouds" or putting sulfur dioxide into the statosphere would have on the earth or air.

    The power of man to create and destroy is truly awful.


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