Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Draft of the Transportation Survey

Tonight in the library, Andi Heather and I met to put together the first draft of our Transportation Survey. Although we were rushed to finish this draft in a few days, this meeting was extremely successful. Several issues will need to be discussed further with the class to make a final decision, but we were all impressed with how far the document has already come. Andi will be e-mailing this draft to the transportation team, and I will be printing paper copies to bring to class on Monday (on scrap paper to be environmentally friendly).

I also brought up the suggestion of putting boxes in each of the dorms' computer rooms for scrap paper. Yes, recycling the paper does help the environment, but it would be even better to use both sides of the paper first. Personally, I have often dug through the recycling bin for paper only used on one side to quickly print an email. A box to put store scrap paper would be extremely convenient.


  1. I like the idea of a box for scrap paper. Chancellors Hall recently added one (I'm not sure who set it up though) and it would be great if the other dorms could too. I'm excited to discuss the survey draft on Monday!

  2. I think that is an amazing idea with the scrap paper because I am the type of students to print powerpoint notes to bring to class, and I would love to have free paper! I already try to print on both sides, but it's annoying when I have to print every other page, and then stick the paper in the right way, etc. I would rather stick in half used paper.

  3. Excellent job this morning--the transportation team really stepped up to the plate! And Amanda, that's a great suggestion you made. There's a lot we could do on campus (in my opinion) to reduce paper use, and to use it more efficiently.


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