Friday, March 5, 2010

Making and storing energy; learning from plants

I was checking out a Public Radio report on Methane bubbling up from the perma frost in Siberia and happened on this great article in Scientific American about storing energy like plants, by spliting water molecules. I always believed that plants have a lot to teach us.

"One drinking-water bottle could provide enough energy for an entire household in the developing world if Dan Nocera has his way. A chemist from M.I.T. and founder of the company Sun Catalytix, Nocera has developed a cobalt-based catalyst that allows him to store energy the same way plants do: by splitting water."

Check it out!
"Shift happens: Will Artificial Photosynthesis Power the World?" 

Maybe someday the mighty Chippewa will be our salvation for energy storage.


  1. Wow - it almost seems too good to be true! Can this technology be used as an energy source for all of our needs, not just providing energy for homes/businesses, but for vehicles as well, I wonder? If it can, those in the oil industry will likely not support it very much, as it means they will no longer be able to make obscene amounts of money...hopefully they will not be able to influence the support and adoption of this exciting possibility!

  2. I am very impressed. I'd love to learn more...


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