Monday, May 10, 2010

eCO2 Emissions

Post the eCO2 emissions for your section here!

Electricity is responsible for 13,278.2 metric tons of eCO2.

Please note that this uses our estimates of the months yet to come. We are going to use this number for now, but it will end up changing sometime this summer when we have all the correct data.


  1. Offsets is responsible for 0 metric tons of eCO2.

    I think we all knew that, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to post anyway.

  2. Ok, third time is the charm.

    Transportation is responsible for 8390 metric tons of eCO2.

  3. Heating is responsible for 13,771 metric tons of eCO2.

  4. I looked up Joe's report. Refrigerants and Chemicals are responsible for 3.07 metric tons eCO2

  5. I looked on Elizabeth's report and Solid Waste emits 4,139 metric tons of eCO2.

    According to my calculations (which could be wrong) the total is 39,581.27 metric tons of eCO2 emitted. So it follows:

    Heating: 34.8%
    Electricity: 33.5%
    Transportation: 21.2%
    Solid Waste: 10.5%
    Refrigerants & Chemicals: <1% (.008%)

  6. After I neutralize compost, my emissions will be 4171 metric tons, making the total 39,613.27 metric tons.


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