Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PowerPoint Presentation

Hi, folks-

I edited the Transportation section of the PowerPoint and altered the background color to a light beige. Feel free to change it back, etc. (Still on W Drive - Final Presentation_Draft2)

Also, if you have any more recommendations or suggestions for the Transportation section, please let me/us know via email or blog.

Just thought I'd let you know...



  1. Thanks, Andi. I have two follow-up comments: (1) Perhaps if others can comment here when they've updated their slides, that would help? [Jason, any thoughts on that?] and (2) Let's keep the discussion/suggestions on the blog rather than in email, remembering the "archive" aspect the blog will play for the future teams. Seeing the process behind the product can really be helpful.


  2. Hey guys,

    If someone tries to open a file already open, there is a pop-up asking if you want to view it as read-only. So as long as we read the pop-ups (I know I usually just click the first button that makes them go away) we can manage that just fine.

    As far as saying when each section has made changes, that will be helpful to me since I'm going to try to make the overall changes of consistency, color changes, etc. Just post what you adjusted, so I don't think that I accidentally deleted some information, or something like that.

    Jason J. Hansen

  3. I made changes to the background color of offsets (I think I did the same thing Andi did). Also, there are quite a few cosmetic changes in there including additional photos, etc. I am waiting for numbers regarding the environmental endeavors commission budget from Ben (if they're even available), but I have added two graphs showing what percentage of that budget would be taken up if the university were to buy offsets to achieve carbon neutrality. There are a few things that need to be updated, but I saved it as draft_3 just so that any changes didn't affect anything anyone else was working on.

  4. Stephanie--About the EEC budget--I thought the idea was to determine what it would cost to "offset" different parts of our footstep. What if, e.g., we wanted to offset 50% of the emissions from the heating plant--what would that cost us? It's also worthwhile to see what impact that would have on the EEC budget . . . .

    Or did I misunderstand what you've done in the graphs?

  5. I went through all of the powerpoint, and these are some things that I left untouched/incomplete:

    Introduction: I didn't change any of the content

    Refri./Chem.: Sentence on Recommendations slide (slide 14)

    Solid Waste: Compost data of -32 (slide 20)

    Trans.: I tried to make the data table easier to read, but perhaps you can improve it better than I can (slide 25) Also, you may want to insert a new chart on the Conclusion slide and just re-enter the data so all labels/headings are shown (slide 28)

    Cooling/Elect.: You may want to change the second picture because it's hard to tell that it's a light (slide 32)

    Offsets: I like the new information and headings, so I didn't change things to be more consistent since you're the "unique" section :)

    So please go in and make these changes as well as looking over the rest of your areas slides to make sure I didn't mess anything up. If I did make some adjustments you'd like to change besides these, please make sure it wasn't done for the sake of consistency. If you're not sure, feel free to ask.

    Let me know what you think,
    Jason J. Hansen

  6. I included totals for what it would cost to offset all of our emissions if the offsets costed $2/ton and if they costed $50/ton. Because they seem like really big numbers, I wanted to put them in perspective in terms of the money we have to spend on sustainability initiatives. However, I can always change it after Friday if people don't think it's effective.

  7. I just updated the electricity portion taking into account everyone's recommendations (including what Jason mentioned above.

  8. Jason, if you did make any changes to the electricity portion, you may need to remake them. I just cut out the old slides and put the new ones in because that was easier with my computer situation, and I didn't read the blog first. Anything, you may have made more consistent would have been erased. Sorry about that!


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