Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Made It

Hey Everyone.....

I finally figured out how to join this crazy BLOG!


  1. CNT 2010--Please welcome our consulting faculty for Economics, Dr. Jamelske (AKA the booming professorial voice that comes from the room next to ours). He has team-taught with Dr Phillips in some strange (and wonderful, I'm sure) collaboration between chemistry and econ. Isaac and the Foodlums know him pretty well, too. Eric is a great colleague and collaborates with his students on many cool projects.

    Given our discussion about Senator Grothman, politics, and climate change, you may already have questions that would have economic angles to them. And the further you get into Part II of Kolbert, the more of this kind of question you'll be likely to have. Post them here!

  2. Hi Dr. J! Good to see you again!


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