Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Suggestions for Questions

Because the University of Pennsylvania didn't have a sample survey available, I came up with some questions based on the medium-impact recommendations (p. 44-46). You can probably infer that the answers would be of the format very likely, somewhat likely, no opinion, somewhat unlikely, very unlikely (or the like, whatever fits in). Here they are:

(For students) How likely would a clean commute initiative be in encouraging you to use alternate means of transportation?
If less parking permits became available, would it be possible for you to find alternate means of transportation to the university?
How large of a disincentive to drive to campus would an increase in the price of parking permits create for you?
If buses were made more readily available to students living off-campus, would you be more likely to reduce the amount you drove a personal vehicle to campus?
If bicycles were made available as a means of transportation to campus, would you be likely to utilize them rather than driving?
These are just some suggestions, but I think we can expand on these based on the surveys everyone else has looked at already.

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  1. Good ideas. I think that this is something to be expanded a bit in our class discussion!


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