Thursday, February 11, 2010

Syracuse Survey

The Syracuse Survey serves as a nice, shallow outline for questions that we may want to ask. If you open the document itself, (which is a Word Document,) take a look at number 17; Liv and I believe that is the best question/comment section. Question 17 gets right at the idea of improvement: How can we increase the use of alternative transportation?

Along with that, we appreciated all of the "other:" and "discussion" blanks for participants to fill in - qualitative versus quantitative data is often times more useful for change. We also liked that dufferent areas of the campus were taken into account. Using UWEC as example, a music major living only 2 blocks from Haas may walk to their classes even during the coldest of days. A kins major living 2 blocks from Haas may not be so willing to cross that bridge and climb the old wooden stairs to McPhee each day. The Syracuse survey also asked, in effect, how many times participants traveled to/from campus each week - this is vital to the accuracy of our information.

What we'd like to add/modify: "winter" versus "non-winter" transportation uses and additional "number" questions, such as MPG's for vehicles owned and used for university-related travel.


  1. Hey Andi/Liv--if you happen to see this, please clarify what you mean by "shallow"in your opening sentence. And thanks for your thoughtful observations.

  2. I think what Andi meant is that it wasn't filled with intense information about the survey. It doesn't start with an overload of info about climate change and who the group is, but is a clean, neat introduction (more-or less) to what the survey entails.


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